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About High Performance Psychology

Be proactive. Do what others want, before they ask you to. If you are not satisfied with this, be proactive and communicate your discomfort about the situation. Be independent, that is, able to manage all aspects of your life without needing the help of others. Be interdependent, that is, accept the collaboration of others in your projects and be reciprocal so that everyone can benefit from the interdependence and, with that, leverage the group's results.


Constantly looking for the best.

- Edward


Provide the greatest number of people with a memorable experience and excellence in products and services, being a reference in high performance management.


To be the largest and best high-performance management network in the world, offering its customers and partners a lasting relationship, focused on growth, profitability and socio-environmental responsibility.


- Excellence

- Friendship

- Respect


Meet Duda

High Performance Psychology was created for people who are interested, like Duda, in exploring the maximum potential in all aspects of life. Born Eduardo Alexandre Machado, Alexandre being his mother's surname and Machado his father's surname. Both descendants of Portuguese with Germans. As far as I know, my father's great-grandfather came to Porto from the city of Pelotas in the state of Rio Grande do Sul as a child. My great-grandfather was born when my great-great-grandfather had already created the famous Estância Galatéia, at the time of the Charqueadas (salt meat industry from the 19th to the 20th century). Later my great-grandfather comes to Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. My grandfather was born in Porto Alegre. While serving his country and assigned to participate in World War II, my grandfather on his way to Rio de Janeiro, which was the starting point of all missions at that time, passes through a small town called, Florianópolis. Enchanted with the city, he tells his family about his experiences. His attentive children enchanted by their father's experience hold this significant memory in their hearts. When my father graduated as an Electrical Engineer, he received numerous job and business proposals. However, he decides to accept a proposal from the University of Santa Catarina and come live with my mother in the charming city of his father's stories. A year after his arrival I was born...


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To facilitate our work in the development of human competences, we have divided into 4 aspects that we consider essential for high performance. Below a little of each of them.


A good relationship with your family members will significantly contribute to your performance. Tolerance and patience are essential skills to achieve excellent results

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This is one of the most important aspects of being human. It encompasses the famous questions:

"Why do I exist?" or

"What is my role in society?" or

"What is my purpose?" or "What is my personal mission?"

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Competence in how we manage our personal affairs is reflected in every other relationship we have. When we change who we are. We change the world we live in.

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Friends are the family we choose. Cultivating friendships is being close to what is most sacred.

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The decision you make today will transform your life tomorrow!

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